CREATE – Capstone Realization of Engineering And Technology

CREATE is an option to the required senior capstone design course that allows significant participation by industry, and as such, adds a professional element into the course offering. Students have many options for their senior design project, including industry-provided projects, undergraduate competition teams and faculty-defined projects. CREATE provides funding for project materials, student travel to client site, overhead for the student machine shop and graduate teaching assistants who work with faculty to guide the students through the design process. An engineering liaison from the client company will interact directly with the students in design meetings to provide the industry perspective. And companies gain insight into potential future employees by working with the students over a 30-week period.

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CREATE Coordinators:
Dr. Kevin Kochersberger

Associate Professor
VT Mechanical Engineering
Ph.: 540-231-5589

Robin Ott
Associate Professor of Practice
VT Mechanical Engineering
Ph.: 540-231-7195