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Virginia Tech undergraduate team places 4th at Hyperloop I competition

The Virginia Tech Hyperloop team placed fourth in the international SpaceX Hyperloop I competition ­­­­— a two-part contest that challenges teams to design and build a passenger-carrying pod that is propelled through a near-vacuum tube at more than airliner speed.

The team, which placed fourth at the first Hyperloop Pod Design competition in 2016, finished fourth out of 27 entries in the latest round. Following the completion of Hyperloop I, the team will begin preparing for Hyperloop II competition, taking place over the summer.

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Artists, designers, and engineers join forces to build protective body panels for robots

A Virginia Tech art professor and visual communication design professor are working with one of the university’s engineering departments to improve the aesthetics and utility of protective body panels for a robot built by Virginia Tech students to complete search-and-rescue tasks.

ESCHER is a humanoid robot created to respond to natural or man-made disasters. Designed and built in the Terrestrial Robotics Engineering & Controls Laboratory, which is based in Virginia Tech’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, ESCHER stands roughly 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs around 165 pounds.

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Advanced Manufacturing and Metamaterials Laboratory (AMML)

Xiaoyu Rayne Zheng, Ph.D
Assistant Professor
High-performance piezoelectric material could make smart sensors more sensitive

1476890085250October 24, 2016

Piezoelectric materials are widely used as sensors. Shashank Priya, the Robert E. Hord Jr. Professor of Mechanical Engineering, has developed a way to control the microstructure of these materials to make them much more sensitive. Learn More...