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COVID-9 distancing preparation

Fall 2020 Plans

Hokie Nation is working hard to keep our community safe during COVID-19. The University plan covers staff, faculty, and students.

Fall 2020 plans

Virginia Tech community converges to help meet need for COVID-19 medical supplies

Virginia Tech mechanical engineering teams have rallied to meet the challenge of COVID-19. Personal protective equipment and ventilators have been among the most-needed items as the novel coronavirus spreads, and mechanical engineering personnel have teamed up to bring new possibilities to combat this crisis.

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African Drone and Data Academy

African Drone and Data Academy graduates first students

The African Drone and Data Academy, a partnership with UNICEF to develop drone expertise for humanitarian, development, and commercial purposes in Malawi, produced its first drone pilots in April 2020. The project has been led by Kevin Kochersberger.

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Virginia Tech’s fog harp harvests water even in the lightest fog

The development of the fog harp, a Virginia Tech interdisciplinary pairing of engineering with biomimetic design, was first reported in 2018. After testing for two years, the superior efficiency of the fog harp has been shown in its uncanny ability to derive water from less dense fog than its predecessors.

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