Advanced Materials and Technologies Laboratory


Department of Mechanical Engineering
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Dr. Ranga Pitchumani

George R. Goodson Professor

Advanced Materials and Technologies Laboratory is a multidisciplinary research group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech. We focus on issues pertaining to the design and manufacturing science of advanced materials. The emphasis is on developing an understanding of the complex physical phenomena governing their fabrication, through theoretical and experimental investigations. The fundamental description and understanding are applied towards practical process development, design, optimization, and control. The projects focus on several emerging technologies and are organized into several focused research groups.

We work broadly on the challenges in energy systems; energy conversion and storage, energy/water nexus, electric grid integration of renewable energy, advanced materials processing (polymer, composite, nano-composite and ceramic materials); processing and design under uncertainty), micro and nanotechnologies; microsystems and microfabrication, uncertainty quantification and large-scale optimization, fundamental heat transfer, fluid mechanics, mass transfer, reacting systems and bio-transport phenomena.

We welcome you to our website, feel free to explore and find out what’s going on at the Advanced Materials and Technologies Laboratory. Graduate Research Assistantships are available for M.S./Ph.D students and opportunities are available for project sponsorship and for working in the AMTL. Kindly contact Prof. Ranga Pitchumani to know more about current opportunities.

  • Research

    Polymer and Composite Materials Processing (NSF, ONR, AFOSR)
    Processing of thermosetting and thermoplastic-matrix composites
    Fundamental transport property determination: conductivity; permeability
    Investigations on microscale and nanoscale phenomena
    Process optimization and control using physics-based models  
    Carbon Nanotube-reinforced Composites (NSF)
    Rheology and chemical reaction kinetics in the presence of CNT’s
    Damping characteristics of composites with carbon nanotubes with applications to rotational structures (example: wind turbines, helicopter blades
    Energy (Army, Department of Energy)
    Thermal energy storage for concentrating solar power
    Passive fuel cells and micro fuel cells
    Cell modeling and performance optimization under uncertainty
    Measurement and prediction of contact resistance
    Microsystems (Sandia National Lab, NSF)
    Fabrication of high-aspect ratio microstructures (HARMs)
    Nanoscale reinforced and nanostructured materials for microparts
    Reliability of microdevices
    Information Technology in Materials Processing (NSF-ITR)
    Agent-based computing paradigm for rapid simulation and optimization of materials processing-application to optical fiber drawing

  • Computer Systems

     Computer Systems
    Computing Cluster equipped with (9) Dell PowerEdge R610 Rack Servers with Dual-Core 2.53 GHz processors and 12 GB RAM each
    (3) Dell Precision T7500 workstations with 6-Core 3.33 GHz processor and 18 GB RAM each
    (4) Dell Precision T7400 workstations with Quad-Core 3.16 GHz processor and 17 GB RAM each
    (1) Dell Precision T5500 workstation with Quad-Core 2.53 GHz Processor and 4 GB RAM
    National Instruments Labview PXI-4462 Communication Board
    PowerVault MD3000
    SmartUPS 5000
    Canon F149200

  • Software Library

    Software Library
    ANSYS Workbench/Fluent v12.1
    COMSOL v4.1
    Intelligent Control Software for Resin Transfer Molding
    Perform Permeability Calculation Tool
    Numerical process models for thermosetting and thermoplastic composites processing techniques
    Numerical composite property models
    Optimization codes
    Software for microstructural analysis
    In-house Labciew code for on-line composite fabrication process control

  • Experimental Facilities

    Experimental Facilities
    Autolab PGSTAT128N potentiostat
    Tetrahedron MTP-10 Programmable Press
    TA Instruments Q2000 Differetial Scanning Calorimeter w/ MDSC
    Vacuum assisted resin transfer molding equipment for studying resin infiltration of thermosetting-matrix composite materials
    Test stand for measuring rotation-induced vibrations in clamped composite beams at various attack angles
    Brookfield Low Torque CAP2000 Viscometer
    Cole-Parmer 500W Ultrasonic Processor
    Magmotor C33-400E Brushed Servo Motor
    Ohaus Analytic Precision Balance 210
    PCB Piezotronics Miniature (0.2g) Accelerometers
    National Instruments Labview PXI-1042Q 8-Slot Chassis
    National Instruments Labview PXI-7342 2 Axis Stepper/Servo Motion Controller
    National Instruments Labview PXI-6221 M Series DAQ
    Basler Video Camera SCA1390-17FC (integrated with labview)

Laboratory address:

Department of Mechanical Engineering
College of Engineering, Virginia Tech
635 Prices Fork Road, Blacksburg, VA 24061