Advanced Vehicle Dynamics Laboratory

The Advanced Vehicle Dynamics Lab (AVDL) at Virginia Tech was established in 1995 by Dr. Mehdi Ahmadian. The lab currently has several visiting scholars, graduate research assistants, and undergraduate students, and it has obtained more than 10 million dollars of funded research in the area of vehicle dynamics and control.

AVDL Mission

1) Provide innovative and cost effective solutions in our areas of expertise to improve our’s sponsors’ technologies, products, market share  2) Create a productive environment for educating both graduate and undergraduate students to better serve their future employers 3) Support state-of-the-art basic scientific and experimental research in the area of vehicle dynamics

AVDL Research

Every year, more than a dozen of undergraduate and graduate students work side-by-side on a variety of projects related to the research that is conducted at AVDL. The vast majority of these students are employed by our sponsors. This provides an effective way of transferring technology from our laboratory to their organizations. Additionally, it provides our sponsor with an in-depth evaluation of their recruits. The projects at AVDL can be divided into six broad categrories: Supensions, noise and vibration, vehicle dynamics, terramechanics, multibody system dynamics, and biodynamics.

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