Nuclear Engineering Minor

Nuclear Engineering Minor

The Nuclear Engineering Minor will be available to Virginia Tech students graduating in 2020 and later. The goal of the minor is to prepare engineering and science students for careers at nuclear engineering-related companies, nuclear power plants, state and national government, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Nuclear Navy, Naval shipyards that build nuclear-powered ships and submarines, and for graduate studies in Nuclear Engineering. Top-notch Virginia Tech students who complete the minor are encouraged to pursue a Master’s Degree in Nuclear Engineering at Virginia Tech immediately after graduation. We would like to use the minor as a feeder to our Nuclear Engineering graduate program.

Nuclear Engineering Minor Requirements:
The minor consists of 18 credits, including four required courses:

  • MATH2214, Differential Equations (3 credits) – prerequisites:  MATH1226, MATH2114(or MATH1114)
  • NSEG3145, Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering Part I (3 credits) – prerequisite: MATH2214
  • NSEG2146, Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering Part II (3 credits) – prerequisite: NSEG3145
  • NSEG3604, Radiation Detection, Protection, & Shielding  (3 credits) – prerequisite: PHYS2306, corequisite: MATH2114

Students choose an additional two electives (6 credits total) from the following:

  • NSEG4204, Nuclear Fuel Cycle (3 credits), corequisite: NSEG3146
  • NSEG4214, Nuclear Power Plant Operations (3 credits), prerequisite: NSEG3146
  • NSEG4424, Reactor Thermal Hydraulics (3 credits), prerequisite: NSEG3145
  • MSE4384, Nuclear Materials (3 credits), prerequisites: (MSE3044 or ME3304) and (MSE3054 or ESM3054, or ME3614 or ME3624)
  • NSEG4974, Independent Study (3 credits maximum)
  • NSEG4994, Undergraduate Research (3 credits maximum)

The official checksheet can be viewed on the Registrar’s website.

Adding the Nuclear Engineering Minor:  The Nuclear Engineering Minor can be added during select times during the year (end of Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters).  Please see the Engineering Education website for application dates and instructions to add an engineering minor.

For More Information:  Please contact Mark Pierson, (540) 231-9112, 439 Goodwin Hall with technical questions about the minor or nuclear engineering careers.  You can also visit the Mechanical Engineering undergraduate advisors in 112, 113, or 113A Randolph.

Notes:  Only undergraduate students can add the Nuclear minor; graduate students should consider applying for our Nuclear Engineering graduate programs.  Undergraduates cannot graduate with an incomplete minor.  If they wish to complete the minor, they should change their graduation date to when both the bachelors degree and the minor will be completed or e-mail Christi Boone in our Academic Dean’s Office to drop the minor.