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In an article published June 19 on the cover of the Journal of the Royal Society Interface, Virginia Tech researchers have found that wheat plants ‘sneezing’ off condensation can vastly impact the spread of spore-borne diseases such as wheat leaf rust which can cause yield losses of up to 20 percent or more in the United States, and higher average losses in less developed agricultural nations. The study is part of a three-year grant obtained in 2017 from the US Department...

Two years ago, Kaveh Hamed saw his son Nikaan take his first steps on his own. He watched Nikaan’s one-year-old body teeter on wobbly legs as the baby walked. Nikaan would go from crawling on his belly to standing with a sway, to the first walks, to taking off across the room on two sure feet. These memories make Hamed think about math, as he does when he watches his dog Telli run. When he sees her bound toward him and...

For the second time in three years, a mechanical engineering doctoral student has earned the Paul Torgersen Graduate Student Research Excellence Award. The award recognizes the top research done by a graduate student. The first place award, presented in the spring, was given to Sheyda Davaria, a student working in the Vibration, Adaptive Structures and Testing Lab with advisor Pablo Tarazaga, associate professor of mechanical engineering and John R. Jones III Faculty Fellow. Born in Maryland but raised in Iran, Davaria graduated...

The U.S. Department of Energy has a goal of carbon filtration using solid sorbents by 2030. In June, Virginia Tech’s Advanced Power and Propulsion Laboratory became home to a proof-of-concept experiment that could help launch a billion-dollar business that will have enormous implications for fossil fuel burning power plants, specifically how pollutants are collected and recycled, and thus impact the long-term goal. Partnering with MOVA Technologies based in Pulaski, Virginia, Joseph Meadows, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering will analyze the...

For the second time in two years, Virginia Tech’s agBOT student team came home from Indiana with a first-place trophy. The 4th annual agBOT competition, hosted by Purdue University’s College of Agriculture and Gerrish Farms, was held in West Lafayette, Indiana, May 16-18. It consisted of two separate competitions: a weed and seed event and a competition to design an autonomous system that can collect, store, and prepare a soil sample for analysis. The team, made up of 35 students from mechanical...

On May 2 the second class was inducted into the Mechanical Engineering Society of Distinguished Alumni during a ceremony at the Inn at Virginia Tech. The society was created in 2018 to formally recognize alumni who demonstrated extraordinary achievement in their careers, and to promote greater interaction between alumni, faculty, staff, and students. Class of 2019 inductees are: John C. Blanton BSME, 1976; MSME, 1977; PhD, 1981 An internationally known and respected leader in the field of gas turbine design and technology, Dr. John Blanton...