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VT Gerand TouringGrand Touring Team

Virginia Tech Grand Touring (VTGT) is a competitive senior design team that transforms normal everyday vehicles into endurance racing machines. This spring we will be participating in the twelve-hour Champ Car Series Race at Virginia International Raceway, marking our 5th year of participation. Our current group is composed of 15-20 mechanical engineers with a passion for building, designing, and racing. Each member is assigned a project geared towards improved safety, reliability, and performance. These projects allow the team to implement general engineering principles while also expanding collective knowledge of automotive engineering. Throughout this process, our members have the opportunity to foster a deeper understanding of teamwork dynamics and conflict resolution as we develop, administer, and execute our goals together.

Throughout the semester we will be designing and building modifications for our current vehicle, a 1999 Honda Civic. Design captains Andrew Scangamor and Steven Holloway will be leading the team through each build as we prepare for this year’s upcoming race. Building off of our last team’s safety equipment, we will be focusing on performance modifications that will include an engine swap and force induction. We will also be updating our data acquisition systems to allow for constant monitoring of additional vehicle conditions from the pit stop at the raceway. This year’s race will be taking place March 6th, 2021. As a team, we are aiming to finish within the top 30, improving our ranking from last year by at least 6 places.




Brandon Hinton

Faculty Advisor

Chump Car, Teams