Become a VT RAIL Member and gain access to more than 100 years of experience of collective research and engineering experience!

What does VT RAIL offer?
Virginia Tech’s Railroad Advanced Initiatives Lab (VT RAIL)is an industrial affiliate group seeking to serve the railroad community. VT RAIL operates as a R&D consortium. We offer technical expertise and more than 100 years of collective experience in dynamic systems, sensory technologies, data analysis, system design, turn key system development, simulation and modeling of complex systems and advanced systems that can improve railroad productivity and efficiency. We also provide our members with direct access to talented graduate and undergraduate students that can assist with your recruiting and human resource development. Member industries will benefit from training and courses that can be developed and offered for their specific needs.
Why Become affiliated with VT RAIL?
Member industries will receive direct and timely access to technologies that will help them with maintaining their competitiveness in railroad markets. VT RAIL is an R&D consortium that is intended to work as an extension of your product engineering department by providing timely access and an inside look into technologies that can help you with your future product and technology development needs. We will effectively serve as an extension of the industrial members R&D department, on a low-risk basis.
For More info or to become a member:

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