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Steve Southward

Faculty Advisor, 2LoudVT

2Loud at Virginia Tech is a car audio team that researches, designs, builds, tests, and tunes a SPL (sound pressure level) drag car. The objective of our organization is to create a car audio system that will compete for largest output of sound in a public competition. When given restraints such as budget, time, and class (competition constraints), we will use the engineering design process to design the car. The parts of the build that we will engage in designing are to include, but are not limited to:

The enclosure: The enclosure for a subwoofer (low tone speaker) is the essential piece of build. It will house the subwoofer and provide the correct tuning for the sub so that the sounds will be produced to the highest output.

Tuning: The enclosure is only as good as its tuning. When building the box for the subwoofer, the tune must be set to a particular frequency based on the output range of the speaker. The tuning frequency effects the output and sound of the speaker and will result in higher or lower SPL ratings.

Electrical work: In order to power these speakers, amplifiers must be chosen and wired accordingly. This group would study electricity laws and physics related to wiring configuations for the subwoofers (i.e. Ohm’s Law).

This team will be one of the first college car audio teams in the nation and would represent the Hokie Nation in competition of engineering excellence.

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Department of Mechanical Engineering
College of Engineering, Virginia Tech
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