Funded Projects

Research Funding ($11,397,654 as PI or co-PI since 09/2008, $9.5M as the PI, my share $7.3M.)

Competitive Federal Grants (Total $8,620,961)

Active federal projects

# Agency Title PI and co-PI Period Funding
1 DOE Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting Lei Zuo (PI), R. Parker, K. Ngo 03/2016-02/2019 $2,000,000
2 NSF Phase II IUCRC Virginia Tech: Center for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems L. Zuo, M. Hajj, S. Priya, D. Ha, S. Shahab 08/2017-07/2022 $500,000
3 DOE Self-powered Wireless Through-wall Data Communication for Nuclear Environments Lei Zuo (PI)

H. Zhang, R. Kisner, D. Ha

10/2016-09/2019 $1,000,000
4 NSF GOALI: Collaborative Research: Energy harvesting nanorods-enhanced MEMS temperature-insensitive gas sensor for combustion monitoring and control Lei Zuo (PI) 07/2015-06/2019 (extension) $150,000
5 ONR Energy Harvesting Backpack with High Specific Power and Broadband using a Dual Mass-inerter and Mechanical Motion Rectification Lei Zuo (PI, 80%) and R. Queen 06/2018-05/2021 $528,314
6 NSF NeTS: Small: Long-range Ocean Communication Links Powered by Energy Harvesting Yaling Yang (PI) Lei Zuo (33%), M. Manteghi 10/2015-09/2018 $200,000
7 DOE Self-powered Wireless Dual-mode Langasite Sensor for Pressure/Temperature Monitoring of Nuclear Reactors Lei Zuo (PI), H. Zhang, J. Lian 02/2014-10/2018 $800,000
8 US-Egypt Evaluation of Combinations of Energy Harvesting and Desalination Technologies L Zuo (50%), M. Hajj 04/201803/2021 $148,129
9 DOT/ UTC Autonomous Emergency Navigation to a Safe Roadside Location T. Furukawa, L.Zuo, R Parker, Zoerzaph 01/2018-01/2019 $63,083



Completed federal projects

10 NSF GOALI: Energy Efficient and Reliable Motion Mechanism for Ocean Wave Energy Lei Zuo (PI) 09/2014-08/2018 (extension) $300,000
11 NSF GOALI/Collaborative Research: Self-powered Dual-mode Piezoelectric Resonant Pressure/ Temperature Sensors for Oil and Gas Field Explorations Lei Zuo (PI) 09/2013-08/2018


12 DOT/ UTRC-II Mitigation of Transportation Induced Vibration Using Seismic Metamaterials (SBU) Lifeng Wang (PI) , Lei Zuo (20%) 10/2016-12/2017 $50,000
13 EPA Ocean Wave Energy Harvester with a Novel Power Takeoff Mechanism Lei Zuo (PI) 08/2013-8/2016 $105,000
14 US Army Energy Harvesting Backpack Lei Zuo (PI) 05/2016-6/2017 $169,277
15 NSF IDBR: Development of Ultrasensitive, Superfast, and Microliter-Volume Differential Scanning Nanocalorimeter for Direct Characterization of Biomolecular Interactions Lei Zuo (PI) 01/2013-12/2017 $300,000
16 NSF REU Supplement for GOALI: Energy Efficient and Reliable Motion Mechanism for Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting Lei Zuo (PI) Summer 2016 $10,000
17 NSF Vibration Control of Tall Buildings using Electricity Generating Tuned Mass Dampers Lei Zuo (PI) 09/2010-08/2015 $260,000
18 NSF-DOE NSF/DOE Thermoelectrics Partnership: Integrated Design and Manufacturing of Cost-Effective and Industrial-Scalable TEG for Vehicle Applications Lei Zuo (PI) J J. Longtin, S. Sampth, Q. Li and BLi 10/2010-09/2015 $530,535
19 NSF REU Supplement for GOALI: Energy Efficient and Reliable Motion Mechanism for Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting Lei Zuo (PI) Summer 2015 $4,000
20 DOE Thermoelectric-Driven Sustainable Sensing and Actuation Systems for Fault-Tolerant Nuclear Incidents J Longtin (PI), Lei Zuo (25%), Hwang,  M.K. Chyu 10/2012-09/2015 $599,802
21 DOE DOE NEUP fellowship To Zuo’s Student Jackson Klein 06/1016-05/2017 $50,000
22 ONR High-Power-Density Portable Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters (SBU changed the PI when I moved to VT and this project thus lost my control.) Lei Zuo ( sole PI at SBU 63%), T. Xu (at NIA 27%) 02/2014-02/2017 $556,356
23 DOT On-road Energy Harvesting for Traffic Monitoring Lei Zuo (PI), X. Ban 2012-2014 $50,000
24 DOT Energy Harvesting from Railway Track Vibrations Lei Zuo (PI) 2011-2013 $50,000
25 DOT Faculty Development Minigrant Award Lei Zuo (PI) 2011-2012 $6,465


  • Competitive State-Level Grants (Total $1,465,766)

Active state-level projects

26 CRCF Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting Lei Zuo (PI), Ngo,  Parker 7/2016-10/2019 $100,000


Completed state-level projects

27 CRCF Railroad Energy Harvesting System Lei Zuo (PI ) 7/2016-6/2018 $100,000
28 CRCF Ultra-High Energy Efficiency Footwear Power Generators T. Xu (PI), L Zuo (co-PI,40%) 7/2016-10/2017 $100,000
29 CRCF Energy-Harvesting Controllable Vehicle Suspensions Lei Zuo (PI), Ngo,  Southward, Corina, Ahmadian 07/2015-3/2017 $100,000
30 Power Bridge NY Electromagnetic Railway Energy Harvester Lei Zuo (PI), 04/2014-4/2016 $150,000
31 NYSERDA Development and Commercialization of Energy-Harvesting Controllable Suspension Systems Lei Zuo (PI) 2013-2016 $249,914
32 NYSERDA Energy Harvesting from Railway Vibration for Trackside Electrification Lei Zuo (PI) 2012-2015 $187,651
33 NYSERDA Innovative Manufacturing Approach to Fabricate Thermoelectric Devices Directly onto Waste Heat Components Jon Longtin (PI), Lei Zuo (25%), and D.Hwang 2012-2013 $100,000
34 NYSERDA Vehicle Thermoelectric Energy Recovery: Assessment of Waste Heat Sources Lei Zuo (PI), Longtin, and Sampath 2011-2012 $50,000
35 NYSERDA Regenerative Shock Absorbers for Energy Harvesting from Vehicle Suspensions Lei Zuo (PI) 2009-2012 $81,000
36 SUNY/RF Energy-Harvesting Speed Bump Lei Zuo (PI) 2014-2014 $7,000
37 SUNY/RF Innovative Power Takeoff for Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting Lei Zuo (PI), X. Wang and B. Warkentine 2013-2014 $100,000
38 SUNY/RF Technology Commercialization of Vibration Energy Harvesting for Transportation Lei Zuo (PI) 2011-2014 $140,201


  • International Funding (Total US$69,000)
39 NSF China Technology and Innovation of One-way Rotating Electromagnetic Vibration Energy Harvester for Railroad Lei Zuo (PI) 01/2017-12/2018 ¥180,000
40 Southwest Jiaotong Univ Key technology and the dynamic coupling between rail track and energy harvesting Lei Zuo (PI) 2018-2019 ¥150,000
41 Tsinghua Univ. Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting from Vehicle Exhaust Heat Lei Zuo (PI) 2014-2015 ¥100,000


  • Industry Funding (Total $634,269)

Active industry projects

42 Abbvie Inc Development of high throughput miniaturized calorimeter for pharmaceutical R&D Lei Zuo (PI, 100%) 05/2015-05/2019 $258,176
43 CRRC Yangtze Vibration Energy Harvester for Railcar Lei Zuo (PI, 100%) 02/2016-06/2019 $124,000
44 IDriver Plus Pedestrian Intention Detection and Trajectory Prediction based on P2V technology Lei Zuo (PI, 100%) 2018-2019 $40,000


Completed industry projects

45 Ford Energy Regeneration and Damper Control Using Energy-Harvesting Absorbers Lei Zuo (PI, 100%) 2012-2017 $25,000


46 Crystal Instrum. Vibration Control and Dynamic Analyzer (Equipment) Lei Zuo (PI, 100%) 02/2015 $40,000
47 Abbott MED64 microelectrdoe array system (Equipment) Lei Zuo (PI, 100%) 01/2014 $100,000
48 Electric Truck Energy harvesting from rail tracks (cash) Lei Zuo (PI, 100%) 08/2010-072012 $47,093


  • Campus Grants (not including startup) (Total $608,258, my share $380,981)

Active campus projects

49 VT, SEC, ICAT, ICATS, Smart Drill Field: Energy Harvesting and Lighting Hajj, McGrath, Zuo (30%), Ishida, Kennedy 03/2016-12/2018 $96,000


Completed campus projects

50 ICATS ERC planning initiative ICATS ERC planning initiative: ERC for Data Analytics for the Design, Modeling and Monitoring of Physical Systems Hajj (PI), Ramakrishnan, Zuo, et al 12/2016-12/2017 $60,000
51 ICTAS energy& materials initiative Smart Building and Smart City Rahman, Zuo (20%), Little, Dhillon, Kuzlu 05/2016-12/2017 $50,000
52 SBU-BNL Thermoelectric Waste Heat Recovery, 2011 SBU BNL Seed Grant (Competitive) Lei Zuo (PI)), Longtin, and Sampath 2011-2013 $60,000
53 SBU-BNL Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting, 2013 SBU BNL Seed Grant (Competitive) Lei Zuo (PI), X Wang, and Butcher 2013-2014 $40,000
54 SBU


Research cash match from SBU OVPR, for the project funded by NSF/DOE Thermoelectrics Partnership Lei Zuo (PI), Longtin, and Sampath 2010-2013 $100,258
55 SBU


Equipment Fund from SBU Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center Lei Zuo (PI) 2011-2012 $180,000
56 SBU


Research cash match from SBU OVPR, for project funded by SUNY TAF “ Vibration Energy Harvesting for Transportations Lei Zuo (PI) 2012-2014 $16,000


Speed Bump Energy Harvesting, support from SBU Sr. VP of Administration, Lei Zuo (PI)) 2011-2012 $6,000