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Lab Alumni

  • Danny Whitehurst, MS student
    Thesis: Techniques for Processing Airborne Imagery for Multimodal Crop Health Monitoring and Early Bug Detection
  • Pooja Harekoppa, MS student (first job: Oculus VR)
    Thesis: Application of Computer Vision Techniques for Railroad Inspection using UAVs
  • Evan Smith, MS student (first job: Kollmorgen)
    Thesis: A Collection of Computer Vision Algorithms Capable of Detecting Linear Infrastructure for the Purpose of UAV Control
  • Justin Stiltner, MS student (first job: U.S. Navy)
  • Matthew Frauenthal, MS student (first job: Kollmorgen)
    Thesis: Design and Exploration of a Computer Vision Based Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Railroad Health Applications
  • Scott Radford, MS student (first job: Mathworks)
    Thesis: Real-time roadway mapping and ground robotic path planning via unmanned aircraft
  • Joey Lang, MS student (first job: )
    Thesis: Characterization of Oscillatory Lift in MFC Airfoils
  • Kenneth Kroeger, MS student (first job: Heron Systems Inc.)
    Thesis: Design and Evaluation of a Fixed-Pitch Multirotor UAV with a Nonlinear Control Strategy
  • Donnie Rogers, MS student (first job: Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation)
    Thesis: Unmanned Aerial System for Monitoring Crop Status
  • Brian David, MS student (first job: )
  • Bob Collins, MS student (first job: )
    Thesis: Design of a Helicopter Slung Vehicle for Actuated Payload Placement
  • Shajan Thomas, MS student (first job: Skyline Windows)
    Thesis: Design of a Teleoperated Rock Sampling System
  • Jason Gassaway, MS student (first job: Southwest Research Institute)
    Thesis: Local Bundling of Disparity Maps for Improved Dense 3D Visual Reconstruction
  • Jerry Towler, MS student (first job: Southwest Research Institute)
    Thesis: Autonomous Aerial Localization of Radioactive Point Sources via Recursive Bayesian Estimation and Contour Analysis
  • Kevin Stefanik, MS student (first job: Kollmorgen)
    Thesis: Sequential Motion Estimation and Refinement for Applications of Real-time Reconstruction from Stereo Vision
  • Eric Gustafson, MS student (first job: Structural Design and Analysis, Inc.)
    Thesis: Design, Simulation and Wind Tunnel Verification of a Morphing Wing Airfoil
  • Onur Bilgen, PhD student
    Thesis: Aerodynamic and Electromechanical Design, Modeling and Implementation of Piezocomposite Airfoils
  • Mike Couch, MS student (first job: EIT, LLC)
    Thesis: Pneumatic Particulate Collection System for an Unmanned Ground Sampling Robot
  • Jimmy May, MS student (first job:)
    Thesis:Tethered Payload Control from an Autonomous Helicopter
  • Prather Lanier, MS student (first job: General Motors)
    Thesis: Stereo Correction Using Modal Analysis
  • Michael Rose, MS student (first job: Boston Dynamics)
    Thesis: Design of a Helicopter Deployable Ground Robotic System for Hazardous Environments
  • Eric Brewer, MS student (first job: Rockwell Collins)
    Thesis: Autonomous Localization of 1/R2 Sources Using an Aerial Platform
  • Nathan Short, MS student (finished PhD with Dr. Lynn Abbott)
    Thesis:3-D Point Cloud Generation from Rigid and Flexible Stereo Vision Systems
  • Dan Hager, MS student (first job: Lockheed Martin)
    Thesis: Situational Awareness of a Ground Robot from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  • Adam Sharkasi, MS student (first job: Lockheed Martin)
    Thesis: Stereovision Based Aerial Mapping Using GPS and Inertial Sensors
  • Dylan Klomparens, MS student (first job: Hughes Network Systems)
    Thesis: Automated Landing Site Evaluation for Semi-Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Andrew Culhane, MS student (first job: TORC Robotics)
    Thesis: Development of an Obstacle Detection System for Human Supervisory Control of a UAV in Urban Environments
  • Craig Gallimore, MS student (first job: Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren)
    Thesis: Passive Viscoelastic Constrained Layer Damping Application for a Small Aircraft Landing Gear System
  • Matt Bays, MS student (first job: Naval Surface Warfare Center, Panama City)
    Thesis: Stochastic Motion Planning for Applications in Subsea Survey and Area Protection
  • Brian McCabe, MS student (first job: DeKa Engineering)
    Thesis: Underslung Payload Tension Control from an Autonomous Unmanned Helicopter
  • Matthew Torok, MS student (first job: Southwest Research Institute)
    Thesis: Autonomous Sample Collection Using Image-Based 3D Reconstructions
  • Peter Fanto, MS student (first job: Boeing)
    Thesis: Automatic Positioning and Design of a Variable Baseline Stereo Boom
  • Bryan Krawiec, MS student (first job: Rockwell Collins)
    Thesis: A*-Based Path Planning for an Unmanned Aerial and Ground Vehicle Team in a Radio Repeating Operation
  • Troy Probst, MS student (first job: NSWC Dahlgren)
    Thesis: Evaluating the Aerodynamic Performance of MFC-Actuated Morphing Wings to Control a Small UAV
  • Mike Bromley, MS student (first job: L-3)
    Thesis: Pneumatic Particulate Collection System Analysis and Design
  • Jake Bruce, MS student (first job: Naval Surface Warfare Center)

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