July 13th, 2020, Dr. Duarte is invited to participate in a panel on “Nuclear Research in Times of Pandemic from the Prism of the Woman Universe”. The event is part of the virtual festival promoted by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

May 8, 2020, Paul Hurley defended his MS thesis on “Application of Optical Fiber Sensors for Quenching Temperature Measurement”. Congratulations!!

April 14, 2020, Dr. Duarted was award $50k through the IIHCC (Intelligent Infrastructure for Human-Centered Communities) Destination Area. The proposal entitled “Investigation of Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) Dry Cask System for Long-Term Storage” is a collaboration with Dr. Rebecca Cai from the MSE Department and Dr. Sonja Schmid from the STS Department. 

March 3, 2020, Dr. Duarte gives an invited talk at Texas A&M Nuclear Engineering Department on “Understanding the Post-CHF Flow Boiling Heat Transfer at High-Pressure”.

January 8, 2020, Virginia Tech awarded Nuclear Regulatory Commission Integrated University Program grants!

November 20, 2019, Dr. Duarte gives an invited talk at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission on “A Review of Quenching
Experiments and Application of Fiber Optic Sensing”.

September 27, 2019, HEATS group will collaborate with Goldfinch Sensor Technologies and Analytics LLC to develop high-pressure void fraction sensor!

July 31, 2019, Congratulations to Paul Hurley for receiving the NRC Fellowship!



Laboratory address:

Department of Mechanical Engineering
302 Goodwin Hall
College of Engineering, Virginia Tech
635 Prices Fork Road, Blacksburg, VA 24061