The Field and Space Experimental Robotics Laboratory is headed by Dr. Erik Komendera and maintained by a staff of student collaborators pursuing new frontiers in collaborative robotics.

FASER Members

Erik Komendera is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. He earned his MS ('12) and PhD ('14) in Computer Science at the Correll Lab at the University of Colorado and earned a BSE in Aerospace Engineering ('07) at the University of Michigan.

Erik Komendera, Ph.D

Director, FASER Laboratory

Specializing in software, electronics and controls. Joshua is currently a PhD student at Virginia Tech focusing on Autonomous Assembly with Robotics. He holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech with a focus on Computer Vision and Mechatronic Systems. Additionally, he has developed Machine Learning algorithms at Oak Ridge National Labs in joint research opportunities.

Joshua Moser

Graduate Research Assistant

Matthew received B.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering from the University of Virginia in 2018. He is currently a Ph.D. student focused on research relating to the application of finite element methods and machine learning to the detection and localization of error in robotically assembled structures.

Matthew Anderson

Graduate Research Assistant

Holly is currently pursuing her Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech. She has previously received a Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Astronomy from Cal Poly Pomona. Over the course of two summers at NASA Langley, she began her research into in-space robotic construction that will set the foundation for her research at Virginia Tech.

Holly Everson

Graduate Research Assistant

Amy is currently pursuing a Master's in Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin, and has been involved with multiple robotics projects at NASA Langley Research Center and NASA Johnson Space Center since 2016.

Amy Quartaro

Graduate Research Assistant

Liam is an transfer student who came from a Virginia community college, and is currently majoring in General Engineering at Virginia Tech.

Liam Chapin

General Purpose Assistant

Maria is a second-year student at Virginia Tech intending to major in Mechanical Engineering. She holds one professional certification in Autodesk Inventor and two associate certifications in Autodesk AutoCAD and Inventor. She has interned for the past two summers at NASA Langley Research Center on augmented and virtual reality research, development, and integration.

Maria Wass

Communications and Design Specialist

Dominic is a junior in Mechanical Engineering. He focuses on CAD, design, and procurement for the lab.

Dominic Bisio

UG Research Assistant; Student Leader

Jacob is a senior in mechanical engineering.

Jacob Martin

UG Research Assistant; Student Leader

Jack is a current senior in Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech. He specializes in design, fabrication, and hardware.

Jack Strollo

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Simon is an IB graduate pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering, focusing on design work for the team.

Simon Somervill

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Devin is a junior in Computer Engineering majoring in controls, robotics, and autonomy with an Honors degree. He does software work with microcontrollers and Linux, as well as hardware work with soldering and configuring various electronics.

Devin McCulley

Undergraduate Research Assistant

The FASER Lab is also working with a number of undergraduate researchers: Sounak Chakrabarti (ME), Alex Fuller (ME), Austin Guevara (ME), John Kuempel (ME), Xiao Liu (CE), Shedon Natnael (ME), Conner Pulling (ME), Yiyan “Nick” Ruan (ME), Jeffrey Sen (ME), and Talal Shadid (ME).

Alumni of lab include Eric Hoffman, David Aden, Alex John, Antara Sahay, and Gavin Wu. RASC-AL MMIP Challenge team are also alumni: Jack Carden, Tanner Catron, Catherine Cauley, Cullen Downey, Matias Marquez, Mikey McCampbell, Kelly Normyle, and Nathan Walkenhorst.

The FASER Lab is open to undergraduate students seeking research credits and to graduate students with previously established funding.

For more information, please email Dr. Komendera.