Joseph Meadows

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PhD Students

Cody Dowd

Cody received a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Virginia Tech and Technische Universitat Darmstadt in 2014 through a dual degree program. He received his master’s in mechanical engineering from Virginia Tech in 2016. His master’s research was with Dr. Danesh Tafti and his research was focused on studying turbine blading and the interior cooling passages using CFD simulations.

Cody started with the ACE group in Fall of 2017 and focuses on thermoacoustic instabilities in combustion processes. The goal of his research is to understand these instabilities and how they can be mitigated using porous media. Cody is involved with the design and construction of the high pressure combustion rig that is underway at the APPL.

Relevant Publications:

Dowd, J. Meadows, Thermoacoustic Instability Model with Porous Media: Linear Stability Analysis and the Impact of Porous Media. ASME Turbo Expo – GT2018-75406, 2018, Oslo, Norway.

Dowd, J. Meadows, Thermoacoustic Linear Stability Model with Porous Media and Mean Flow Effects. Proceedings of ESSCI Technical Meeting, 36IC-0049, 2018.

Steven Wong

Steven received his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Davis in 2015 with a double major in mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering with a minor in materials science. He then went on to complete his master’s degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering also at the University of California, Davis in 2018.  For his master’s thesis, he conducted research at the Energy Research Lab on systems-level modeling of a novel thermal recovery system via endothermic fuels in commercial turbofan engines.

Joining the ACE Group in the fall of 2018, he plans to investigate the effects of combustion instabilities on liquid fuel droplets through advanced modeling techniques and experimentation with the sophisticated rigs at the APPL for his dissertation research.


Ashwin Kumar (MG) Manjangkarani Giridharan

Ashwin received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Anna University, Chennai, India in 2016. His Bachelor’s Thesis was focused on Investigating Combustion Stability in Liquid Fueled Ramjet Engines in DRDO, India. He received his Master’s Degree from Purdue University in 2018. He worked on design and testing projects like Designing and Testing a Hybrid Rocket with Paraffin Wax as fuel and Di-nitrous Oxide as Oxidiser and projects that involved significance in the back end of propulsion systems testing like designing and building an automated Pressure Transducer Calibration Panel.

He joined the ACE group from Fall of 2018 for his Doctorate Degree with his Thesis focusing on High-Pressure Combustion Thermo-acoustics. He is currently involved in the setup of supporting systems for the functioning and testing of the High-Pressure rig.


MS Students

Sathyanarayanan Subramanian

Sathya received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from SASTRA University, India and completed his bachelor’s thesis at Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Barcelona in 2014. He later worked as a Research Associate at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras for a project on predicting thermodynamic losses in steam turbines, where he gained experience in conducting experiments and performing numerical simulations. Later he worked as a Safety Engineer at Lloyd’s Register – Energy, Mumbai, India. He worked on projects focusing on fire hazard analysis for European power plants.

Sathya started working in the ACE group from Fall of 2017, on numerical analysis of Rotating Detonation Engine (RDE). The objective of his work is to numerically analyze the performance of an RDE under varying fuel inlet conditions.


Shrihari Sampathkumar

Shrihari completed his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Amrita University, India in 2017. His bachelor’s thesis was to understand the contribution of porous media’s morphological properties on the pressure drop across these structures using CFD. Shrihari joined the ACE group in the Fall of 2017 and focuses on thermoacoustic instabilities in Gas Turbine Combustion Chambers.

His research aims to better understand these instabilities in realistic combustion systems with multiple fuel injection points and complicated flows. Shrihari is also involved in designing components to be used in the high-pressure combustion rig and a scaled-down combustor at the APPL

Relevant Publications:

S. Sampathkumar, J. Meadows, Thermoacoustic Analysis with Statistically Based Flame Transfer Function Extracted from Computational Fluid Dynamics, Proceedings of ESSCI Technical Meeting, 36IC-0054, 2018

Thomas Joseph Giroux III

Joseph completed his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at Iowa State University in May 2018, and is currently pursuing his Master’s in Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech.

He joined ACE group in Fall 2018, and his research is focused on developing an image reconstruction algorithm for high speed camera imaging using 3D tomography to reconstruct images of a jet flame. The ultimate goal of his research is to use this imaging technique to better understand the Rayleigh Index Criteria through tomographic reconstruction. Joseph has also been involved in the use of the Atmospheric Pressure Rig located in the APPL, responsible for outfitting the rig with the group’s high speed camera for flame imaging.