The experimental facilities of ACE are located at the Advanced Power and Propulsion Laboratory

Experimental Facilities

High-Pressure Combustion Rig

The High Pressure Rig has the state of art facility to simulate test conditions of upto 8 bar pressure with back pressure valves to study the thermo-acoustics of High Pressure Combustion. The HPS is designed and built with versatility to investigate various research interests in combustion. The same rig’s after part of back pressure valves will be replaced with an after-burner to investigate the Jet noise produced in After-Burner Engines in the coming months. With such unique capabilities and a range of mass flow rate upto 1.5 kg/s, the high pressure combustion will be instrumental in doing cutting edge research in Combustion in Virginia Tech to “INVENT THE FUTURE”

Scaled-Down Combustor

The Scaled-Down Combustor is primarily used for the 3-D Tomographic reconstruction of premixed flames at atmospheric pressure. A high-speed camera and intensifier set-up, mounted on a swinging arm are capable of capturing chemiluminescence images and videos at a 1024 x 1024 pixel resolution from a wide range of angles, at rates up to 1.3 million fps. Two opposing speakers are also present at the base of the combustor to acoustically drive the fuel stream. Multiple dynamic pressure transducers and microphones at various locations of the combustor detect pressure oscillations in sync with the imaging apparatus.