Alireza Haghighat

Professor, Nuclear Engineering

(571) 858-3333
Virginia Tech Research Center
900 N Glebe Road
Arlington, VA 22203


  • PhD, Nuclear Engineering, University of Washington, 1986
  • MS, Nuclear Engineering, University of Washington, 1981
  • BS, Physics, Pahlavi (Shiraz) University, Shiraz, Iran, 1978

900 N Glebe Road, Arlington, VA Marker-48


  • Research

    Multi-stage, Response-function particle Transport (MRT) methodologies, and hybrid parallel numerical (Sn, Method of Characteristic, Ray-Tracing & Fictitious Quadrature) particle transport theory methods for modeling and simulation of nuclear systems in power, medicine, and security and safeguards

    Automated variance reduction techniques for fixed-source and eigenvalue Monte Carlo calculations, e.g., CADIS – Consistent Adjoint Driven Importance Sampling; Methodologies and tools for detection of nuclear materials using active and passive intergation systems; Computational methods in reactor physics and shielding

    Algorithms for image reconstruction in medical devices; Advanced algorithms for generation of multigroups nuclear cross sections

    Sensitivity and perturbation methods; nuclear reactor digital control and severe accidents issues

  • Professional Affiliations

    Fellow, American Nuclear Society
    Director, Nuclear Science and Engineering Lab (NSEL) at Arlingon

  • Publications

  • Professional History

    • 2015-Present, Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium, Chairman of the Board
    • 2011-Present, Virginia Tech, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Professor
    • 2010-2012, Southeast Universities Nuclear Reactor Institute for Science and Education (SUNRISE), Chairman of the Board
    • 2009-2011, Florida Power and Light, Endowed Chair Professor
    • 2009-2010, Director of University of Florida Training Reactor
    • 2001-2009, University of Florida, Dept. of Nuclear and Radiological Engineering, Professor and Chair
    • 2008-2009, University of Florida Training Reactor, Interim Director
    • 2006-2007, Nuclear Engineering Department Heads Organization, Chair
    • 2005-Present, HSW Technologies LLC, President and CEO
    • 2004-Present, Florida Institute of Nuclear Detection and Security (FINDS), Interim Director
    • 1999-2005, H&S Adv. Comp. Tech. Inc., President and CEO
    • 1998-2001, Pennsylvania State University, Professor
    • 1998-1998, SCK-CEN, Mol, Belgium, Visiting Scientist
    • 1993, Pennsylvania State University, Associate Professor
    • 1990-1990, Oak Ride National Laboratory, Engineering, Physics and Mathematics Division, Faculty Research Participant
    • 1988, Pennsylvania State University, Research Associate
    • 1986, Pennsylvania State University, Research Assistant

  • Awards and Honors

      • 2011-RPSD Professional Excellence Award
      • 2010-Member of International Advisory Council for the Nuclear and Quantum Engineering Dept, KAIST, Korea
      • 2009-Recognition award from DOE for leadership and contributions to design and analysis for the UFTR HEU to LEU fuel conversion
      • 2009-Florida Power & Light Endowed Term Professorship
      • 2007-Chair, International Advisory Council for the Nuclear and Quantum Engineering Dept, KAIST, Korea
      • 2002-Fellow, American Nuclear Society, for pioneering contributions to the development of accurate and efficient deterministic adn stochastic particle transport theory methods and their application to different complex nuclear systems
      • Received, with students and collaborators, 10 best paper awards
      • Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, 1989-Present
      • 1988-Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society, Penn State University
      • 1981-Alpha Nu Sigma, National Nuclear Engineering Honor Society, Washington Alpha Chapter

  • Professional Leadership

    • 2012-2013, Chair, ANS Reactor Physics Division
    • 2011-2012, Vice-Chair, ANS Reactor Physics Division
    • 2010-2011, Treasurer, ANS Reactor Physics Division
    • 2009-2010, Technical Program co-chair, 2010 NPIC & HMIT
    • 2010, Chairman of the Board, SUNRISE LLC, member of Executive Committee since 2007
    • 2009, Member, International Organizing Committee of the Joint International Conference on Supercomputing in Nuclear Applications and Monte Carlo (SNA + MC2010)
    • 2009, Organized specal sessions on Hybrid Transport Methods (M&C 2009)
    • 2009-2010, Secretary, ANS Reactor Physics Division
    • 2009-2010, Co-Chair, Technical Program of 2010 NPIC & HMIT conference
    • 2006-2007, Chair, NEDHO
    • 2007-2008, Executive Committee, NEDHO
    • 2007, Co-Chair, Computational Medical Physics Working Group
    • 2005-2006, Chair, MCD, ANS