Former Members


  • Graduated PhD/MS Students:

With PhD Thesis Completed ( 7 ):

  1. Shuyu Wang (08/2013-7/2017), PhD thesis: “A MEMS-based Differential Scanning Calorimeter for Protein Stability Characterization” (Senior engineer at Globalfoundries, great New York area)
  2. Changwei Liang (08/2012-12/2016), PhD thesis: “On the Dynamics and Design of a Wave Energy Converter with Mechanical Motion Rectifier” (Currently, Sr. Design Engineer at AMD, San Francisco Bay Area)
  3. Yilun Liu (06/2012–2016): PhD thesis: “Design, Modeling and Control of Vibration Systems with Electromagnetic Energy Harvesters and their Application to Vehicle Suspensions” (currently, Research Engineer at Cummins Inc, Columbus, Indiana)
  4. Peng Li (08/2011–04/2016): PhD thesis:”Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting Vehicle Suspension” (currently, Senior Mechanical Design Engineer at Heller Industries, NJ)
  5. Gaosheng Fu (09/2010 – 3/2015), PhD thesis: “Integrated Design and Manufacturing of Thermoelectric Generator for Energy Harvesting” (Mechanical Engineer at Lam Research Corporation, Portland OR)
  6. Wanlu Zhou (06/2010 – 03/2015), PhD thesis: “Multifunctional Smart Structures for Energy Harvesting, Structure Health Monitoring and Vibration.” (Currently, NVH Engineer at Apple Inc, San Jose, CA)
  7.  Xiudong Tang (09/2008 – 02/2013), PhD thesis: “Simultaneous Energy Harvesting and Vibration Control of Tall Buildings using Electricity-Generating Tuned Mass Dampers” (Currently Assistant Professor at New York Institute of Technology)

With MS Thesis Completed ( 19 ):

  1. Dillon Martin (11/2015-09/2017): Marine hydrodynamics of ocean wave energy converter
  2. Jackson Klein (08/2015-05/2017), MS thesis: Energy Harvesting Opportunities Throughout the Nuclear Power Cycle for Self-Powered Wireless Sensor Nodes
  3. Yue Yuan (10/2014-02/2017), MS thesis:Backpack energy harvesting with human walking model
  4. Yalu Pei (01/2015-12/2016), MS thesis: Multi-resonant electromagnetic shunt in base isolation for vibration damping and energy harvesting
  5. Shaoxu Xin (08/2013– 09/2016),  MS thesis: Design of Power Converter and Wireless Data Acquisition System for TEG Energy Harvester (Master degrees in ME and ECE)
  6. Prakhar Todaria (08/2013 – 04/2016), MS thesis: Energy harvesting speed bump
  7. Shuyu Wang (08/2013-03/2016): MS thesis: Differential Scanning Calorimeter for Biomolecular Interaction Application (Shuyu continued PhD study in our group)
  8. Jie Chen (08/2013-12/2015), MS thesis: Design and analysis of a thermoelectric energy harvesting system for powering sensing nodes in nuclear power plant
  9. You Wu (09/2012 – 05/2015), MS thesis: Energy harvesting for wildlife tracking
  10. Shubin Chen (10/2013-12/2014): MS thesis: Design and optimization of piezoelectric energy harvesting with force magnification
  11. Junxiao Ai (08/2012-07/2014), MS thesis: Design and Test of An Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting System
  12. Jinwoo Park (08/2012 – 09/2014), MS thesis: Design of on on-road Energy Harvesting
  13. Jianchen Yin (09/2012- 2/2014), MS thesis: Fabrication and Characterization of Power Compensated Differential Scanning Nanocalorimeter
  14. Chongxiao Zhang (12/2012 – 01/2014), MS thesis: Integration of Regenerative Shock Absorber into Vehicle Electric System
  15. Chao Nie (07/2012-08/2013), MS thesis: Characterization of Magnesium Silicide processed with Thermal Spray For Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting (07/10/2013)
  16. John Wang (08/2011-08/2013), MS thesis: Mechanical Motion Rectifier Based Energy Harvester for Railroad Track Applications
  17. Zhongjie Li (08/2010-07/2012): MS thesis: Energy Harvesting Shock Absorbers
  18. Gopinath Reddy Penamalli (09/2009 — 08/2011): MS thesis, Railway Structural Health Monitoring and Energy Harvesting
  19. Pei Sheng Zhang (10/2008 – 12/2010): MS thesis, Design of Electromagnetic Shock Absorbers for Energy Harvesting from Vehicle Suspensions

MS With Project Option ( 24 ):

  1. Abhishek Pandey (08/2013 – 12/2014), MS project: Energy Harvesting Speed Bump
  2. Vishwatej Mane (08/2013 -06/2014 ), MS project: Oil Drilling Sensing and Energy Harvesting
  3. You Wu (09/2012 – 06/2014 ), MS project: Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting for Wildlife Tracking (transferred from SBU to VT with me)
  4. Zhichao Xu (09/2012- 02/2014), MS project: Hydroelectric Energy-harvesting Shock Absorber
  5. Hongbo Yu (08/2012-01/2014), MS project: Railway Track Energy Harvester
  6. Changming Zou (08/2012-08/2013), MS project: On-road Energy Harvesting
  7. Bikash Sukla (08/2012 – 06/2013), MS project: Suspension Energy Harvester Design
  8. Wen Cui (01/2012-12/2012), MS project: Electromagnetic Tuned Mass Damper with Resonant Shunt
  9. Fei Lu (09/2012 – 05/2013), MS project: Marine Hydrodynamics
  10. Qiang Liu (09/2012 -05/2013 ), MS project: Ocean Wave Energy
  11. Harrison Greene (09/2012-06/2013), MS project: Vibration Energy Harvester Design
  12. Ke Yu (09/2011-08/2013), MS project: Hydroelectric Energy Harvester
  13. Yusong Di (09/2011-08/2013), MS project: Power Electronics for Energy Harvesting
  14. Bo Zhang (01/2011 – 06/2012), MS project: Characterization of Thermoelectric Materials
  15. Saurabh Gandhi (08/2011-12/2012), MS project: Dynamics & Control of Ocean Wave Energy Converter
  16. Jian Kuang (09/2011 –01/2013), MS project: Design of Mechanical Motion Rectifier Based Energy Harvester
  17. Teng Lin* (09/2010-05/2012), MS project: Energy Harvesting from Railway Track Vibration
  18. Zac Brindak (1/2010-08/2011), MS project: Energy-harvesting Shock Absorber Design
  19. Dimauro Edwards (1/2010-5/2010), MS project: Small Hydropower Development
  20. Sharanya Divakaruni (01/2010-05/2010), MS project: Building Energy Monitoring
  21. Xiaoming Chen (01/2009-12/2010 transferred), MEMS-based Nanocalorimeter
  22. Eddie Zheng (06/2009-12/2009), MS project: On-road Energy Harvester Design
  23. Ni Tao (09/2009 – 06/2011), MS project: Wind and Tall Building Interaction
  24. Rong Feng Yu (10/2008-05/2010), MS project: Ultra-sensitive Thermo Sensors
  • Former Visiting Scholars (13):
  1. Dr. Bang-Fuh Chen, visiting professor (10/17-1/18, Professor at NSYSU, Taiwan ROC)
  2. Dr. Yan Bo, visiting scholar (06/17-08/17, lecturer Zhejiang SCI-TECH University)
  3. Dr. Long Wu, visiting scholar (08/16-06/17, professor&VP at Sanming University)
  4. Dr. Jianyong Zuo, visiting scholar (12/2016-04/2017, associate dean Tongji Univ)
  5. Dr. Gangfeng Tan, visiting scholar (associate prof and associate chair Wuhan Univ of Tech)
  6. Hongxin Sun (09/2015-08/2016, Visiting Scholar), Currently Associate Professor in Hunan Univ. of Sci and Tech, China
  7. Dr. Lin Xu (09/2014-09/2015, Visiting Scholar), Currently Lecturer in Wuhan University of Technology, China
  8. Dr. Nian Wang(09/2014-09/2015, Visiting Scholar), Currently Associate Professor in Wuhan Univ. of Technology, China
  9. Dr. Shunming Li (06/2014-09/2014, Visiting Professor), Currently Professor at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China
  10. Dr. Mrudual Gadhvi (09/2013- 09/2014, Postdoc under Obama-Singh Fellowship), Currently Associate Prof at at St. Xavier’s College, India
  11. Dr. Chi-Chang Lin (06/2013-09/2013, Visiting Professor): PhD from SUNY Buffalo 1989, Currently Distinguished Professor in Civil Engineering at National Chung-Hsing University (NCHU),Taiwan, ROC
  12. Dr. Liangyao Yu (02/2013- 02/2014, Visiting Professor), Currently Associate Professor at Tsinghua University
  13. Dr. Xuan Sun (02/2010 – 01/2011, Visiting Scholar), Currently Asso. Prof at Guilin Univ. of Technology, China
  • Former Post-doc Fellows (9):
  1. Dr. Shengxi Zhou (02/2017-10/2017 ), currently a full professor in Northwestern Polytechnic Univ in China
  2. Dr. Xiuxing Yin (08/2016 – 09/2017), currently postdoc fellow in University of Warwick, UK
  3. Dr. Changwei Liang (03/2017-06/2017), currently in industry
  4. Dr. Lin Xu,  (PhD 2011, Wuhan University of Technology), Postdoc Fellow, 02/2016-08/2016
  5. Lirong Wang,  (PhD 2004,Tokyo Institute of Technology), Research Associate, 07/2014-08/2016
  6. Dr. Yikai Chen (07/2011- 03/2013, NSF-DOE project), Co-advisor with Prof Sanjay Sampath
  7. Dr. Xiaoya Shi (03/2011 – 01/2012, SUB-BNL Seed grant), Currently Project Manager/Sr. Materials Scientist at Oerlikon Metco, NY
  8. Dr. Ivo Kolev Dimitrov (02/2012 – 07/2012, SUB-BNL Seed grant), Co-advisor with Dr. Qiang Li
  9. Dr. Kentaro Shinoda (01/2011-03/2011, NSF-DOE project), Co-advisor with Prof Sanjay Sampath
  • Former visiting students (9):
  1. Yu-Ming Hung (spring 2016), PhD student from National Chiao Tung University
  2. Kristine Chen (summer 2013), undergraduate from Stanford University
  3. Jordan Pasternak (summer 2013), undergraduate from Union College
  4. Jessica Wu (summer 2013), undergraduate from Tufts University
  5. Matthew Pollack, (summer 2012), undergraduate from Boston University
  6. Richard LaGrandier (summer 2010), undergraduate from MIT
  7. Wen-Wei Yen (spring 2016), PhD student from National Chiao Tung University
  8. Jim Houng (summer 2016), MS student from National Chung Hsing University
  9. Liang Shang (summer 2016), BS student from Tsinghua University
  • Former undergraduates:
    About 90 undergraduates, including 17 senior design teams of 56 students.