Lab Director: Prof. Lei Zuo    C.V. of Prof Lei Zuo (06/2016)

  Visiting Scholar:

Dr. Xin Liu, visiting scholar (09/18-09/19), Associate Professor at Tianjin Polytechnic University

  • Current Post-docs:

Dr. Hyunjun Jung (02/2019 -), Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Hanyang University, Republic of Korea, 2017

  Current PhD Students:

  1. Chien-An Chen (08/2014 -), Energy harvesting power electronics (co-advised with Prof Ngo)
  2. Yongjia Wu (08/2015 -), Thermoelectronic energy harvesting
  3. Yu Pan (08/2015 -), Freight railcar energy harvesting
  4. Hongjip Kim (10/2015- ), Stochastic resonance for energy harvesting
  5. Mingyi Liu (08/2016-), Energy motion energy harvesting
  6. Feng Qian (08/2016-), piezoelectric energy harvesting
  7. Xiaofan Li (08/2017-), Ocean wave energy harvesting: Design and dynamics
  8. Qiuchi Xiong (08/2017-), Control of wave energy harvesting
  9. Sijing Guo (08/2014-09/2016 visiting students, 08/2017- PhD student), on leave 08/2018-08/2019.
  10. Kan Sun (08/2017 – ), Additive manufacturing of thermoelectric materials and devices
  11. Jia Mi (08/2018 -), Clean seawater desalination with renewable energy
  12. Lisheng Yang (08/2018 -), Connected and intelligent vehicles

  Current MS Students with thesis option (5)

  1. Lin Rui (08/2017 -): Oil well energy harvesting
  2. Yuzhe Chen (01/2018 -): Regenerative vehicle suspensions
  3. Boxi Jiang, Hybrid ocean wave-current energy conversion (co-advised with Prof Parker)
  4. Shuo Chen (08/2018 -)
  5. Yamini Sharma (01/2019 -)


  Current Undergraduate Students (4)

  • Independent study: Sixian Jia, Yiming Tan, Jianuo Huang, Liuni Chen


  Visiting Students at Virginia Tech

  • Bonan Qin (visiting PhD student from Beijing University of Science and Technology, 2018-2020)
  • Yifan Luo (visiting PhD student from Hunan Univ of Sci and Tech, 2018-2020)
  • Lei Zhang (visiting PhD student from Xi’an Jiaotong University, 2018-2019.)

Former Visiting Professors (13):

Dr. Deepam Maurya (09/18 – 01/19), Research Assistant Professor, PhD Virginia Tech 2014

Dr. Yanyang Wang, visiting scholar (12/17-02/19), Lecturer at Xihua University, China

Dr. Bang-Fuh Chen, visiting professor (10/17-1/18, Professor at NSYSU, Taiwan ROC)

Dr. Long Wu, visiting scholar (08/16-06/17, currently professor & VP at Sanming University)

Dr. Yan Bo, visiting scholar (06/17-08/17, lecturer Zhejiang SCI-TECH University)

Dr. Jianyong Zuo, visiting scholar (12/2016-04/2017, associate dean Tongji Univ)

Dr. Gangfeng Tan, visiting scholar (01/2016-02/2017) (associate prof and associate chair Wuhan Univ of Tech)

Dr. Hongxin Sun, visiting scholar (09/2015-08/2016), (associate dean in Hunan Univ. of Sci and Tech)

Dr. Nian Wang (09/2014-09/2015), visiting scholar (associate prof in Wuhan Univ. of Tech.)

Dr. Lin Xu (09/2014-09/2015), visiting scholar (lecturer in Wuhan University of Technology)

Dr. Mrudual Gadhvi (09/2013- 09/2014), postdoc under Obama-Singh Fellowship, Associate Prof at at St. Xavier’s College, India

Dr. Shunming Li (06/2014-09/2014), currently Professor at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Dr. Chi-Chang Lin (06/2013-09/2013): PhD from SUNY Buffalo, Currently Distinguished Professor in Civil Engineering at National Chung-Hsing University (NCHU),Taiwan ROC

Dr. Liangyao Yu (02/2013- 02/2014), currently Associate Prof at Tsinghua University

Dr. Xuan Sun (02/2010 – 01/2011), currently Asso. Prof at Guilin Univ. of Technology, China

Former Post-doc Fellows (11):

Dr. Wei-Che Tai (08/2016 – 08/2018 ), currently Assistant Professor in Michigan State U

Dr. Shengxi Zhou (02/2017-10/2017 ), currently Prof in Northwestern Polytechnic U in China

Dr. Blake Boren (02/2018 – 05/2018), postdoc fellow

Dr. Xiuxing Yin (08/2016 – 09/2017), currently postdoc fellow in University of Warwick, UK

Dr. Changwei Liang (03/2017-06/2017), currently in industry

Dr. Lirong Wang, Research associate (07/2014 -08/2016)

Dr. Lin Xu (01/2016-08/2016), Assistant Professor in Wuhan University of Technology

Dr. Xiaoya Shi (03/2011 – 01/2012, SUB-BNL Seed), currently in industry

Dr. Kentaro Shinoda (01/2011-03/2011, NSF-DOE), co-advisor with Prof Sanjay Sampath

Dr. Ivo Kolev Dimitrov (02/2012 – 07/2012, SUB-BNL Seed), co-advisor with Dr. Qiang Li

Dr. Yikai Chen (07/2011- 03/2013, NSF-DOE), co-advisor with Prof Sanjay Sampath

Graduated PhD/MS Students (9 PhD thesis, 19 MS with theses, & 24 MS with projects)

With PhD Thesis Completed (9 PhD):

  1. Shifeng Yu (08/2013 – Summer 2018), PhD thesis: “The development of high-throughput and miniaturized differential scanning calorimeter for thermodynamic study of bio-molecules”
  2. Teng Lin (10/2013 – 08/2018), PhD thesis: “Railroad Energy Harvesting System Design, Modeling and Testing for Trackside Electric Infrastructures”
  3. Shuyu Wang (08/2013-7/2017), PhD thesis: “A MEMS-based Differential Scanning Calorimeter for Protein Stability Characterization”
  4. Changwei Liang (08/2012-1/2017), PhD thesis: “On the Dynamics and Design of a Wave Energy Converter with Mechanical Motion Rectifier”
  5. Yilun Liu (06/2012 – 10/2016), PhD thesis: “Design, Modeling and Control of Vibration Systems with Electromagnetic Energy Harvesters and their Application to Vehicle Suspensions”
  6. Peng Li (08/2011-04/2016), PhD thesis: “Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting Vehicle Suspension Systems”
  7. Gaosheng Fu (09/2010 – 3/2015), PhD thesis: “Integrated Design and Manufacturing of Thermoelectric Generator for Energy Harvesting”
  8. Wanlu Zhou (06/2010 – 03/2015), PhD thesis: “Multifunctional Smart Structures for Energy Harvesting, Structure Health Monitoring and Vibration”
  9. Xiudong Tang (09/2008 – 02/2013), PhD thesis: “Simultaneous Energy Harvesting and Vibration Control of Tall Buildings using Electricity-Generating Tuned Mass Dampers” (Currently Assistant Professor at New York Institute of Technology)


With MS Thesis Completed (19 MS):


  1. Dillon Martin (11/2015-09/2017): Marine hydrodynamics of ocean wave energy converter. (Dillon was employed as a MS Research Associate in my lab till 06/18)
  2. Jackson Klein (08/2015-05/2017), Energy Harvesting Opportunities Throughout the Nuclear Power Cycle for Self-Powered Wireless Sensor Nodes
  3. Yue Yuan (10/2014-02/2017), Backpack energy harvesting with human walking model
  4. Yalu Pei (01/2015-12/2016), Multi-resonant electromagnetic shunt in base isolation for vibration damping and energy harvesting
  5. Shaoxu Xing, (08/2013 – 09/2016), Design of power converter and wireless data transmission for TEG energy harvesting (MS in ME and ECE)
  6. Prakhar Todaria (08/2013 – 03/2016), MS thesis: energy harvesting Speed bump
  7. Jie Chen (08/2013 -12/2015 ), MS thesis: Thermoelectric energy harvesting for nuclear sensing
  8. You Wu (09/2012 – 05/2015), MS thesis: Energy harvesting for wildlife tracking
  9. Shuyu Wang (08/2013-04/2016), MS thesis: Differential Scanning Calorimeter for Biomolecular Interaction Application
  10. Shubin Chen (10/2013-12/2014), MS thesis: Design and optimization of piezoelectric energy harvesting with force magnification
  11. Junxiao Ai (08/2012-07/2014), MS thesis: Design and Test of An Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting System
  12. Jinwoo Park (08/2012 – 09/2014), MS thesis: Design of on on-road energy harvesting
  13. Chongxiao Zhang (12/2012 – 01/2014), MS thesis: “Integration of Regenerative Shock Absorber into Vehicle Electric System”
  14. Jianchen Yin (09/2012- 2/2014), MS thesis: Fabrication and Characterization of Power Compensated Differential Scanning Nanocalorimeter
  15. Chao Nie (07/2012-08/2013), MS thesis: Characterization of Magnesium Silicide processed with Thermal Spray For Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting (07/10/2013)
  16. John Wang (08/2011-08/2013), MS thesis: “Mechanical Motion Rectifier Based Energy Harvester for Railroad Track Applications”
  17. Zhongjie Li (08/2010-07/2012): MS thesis: “Energy Harvesting Shock Absorbers” (Currently employed at Quantum Corp., CA)
  18. Gopinath Reddy Penamalli (09/2009 — 08/2011): MS thesis, “Railway Structural Health Monitoring and Energy Harvesting” (Currently engineer in Delphi Corp., MI)
  19. Pei Sheng Zhang (10/2008 – 12/2010): MS thesis, “Design of Electromagnetic Shock Absorbers for Energy Harvesting from Vehicle Suspensions” (Currently engineer in Electric Board CT)


MS with Project Option (24 MS with project option):

  1. Abhishek Pandey (08/2013 – 12/2014): Energy harvesting speed bump
  2. Vishwatej Mane (08/2013 -06/2014 ): oil drilling sensing and energy harvesting
  3. You Wu (09/2012 – 06/2014 ), Piezoelectric energy harvesting for wildlife tracking
  4. Zhichao Xu (09/2012- 02/2014), Hydroelectric energy-harvesting shock absorber
  5. Hongbo Yu (08/2012-01/2014), Topic: Railway track energy harvester
  6. Ke Yu (09/2011-08/2013), Hydroelectric energy harvester
  7. Harrison Greene (09/2012-06/2013), Vibration energy harvester design
  8. Changming Zou (08/2012-08/2013), Topic: On-road energy harvesting
  9. Bikash Sukla (08/2012 -), Topic: Suspension energy harvester design
  10. Yusong Di  (09/2011-08/2013), Power electronics for energy harvesting
  11. Qiang Liu (09/2012 -05/2013 ), Ocean wave energy
  12. Fei Lu (09/2012 – 05/2013), Marine hydrodynamics
  13. Teng Lin (09/2010-05/2012), MS project: Energy harvesting from railway track vibration
  14. Wen Cui (01/2012-12/2012), MS project: Electromagnetic tuned mass damper with resonant shunt
  15. Jian Kuang (09/2011 –01/2013), Design of mechanical motion rectifier based energy harvester
  16. Saurabh Gandhi (08/2011-12/2012), MS project: Dynamics & control of ocean wave energy converter
  17. Bo Zhang (01/2011 – 06/2012), MS project: Characterization of thermoelectric materials
  18. Xiaoming Chen (01/2009-12/10 transferred), MEMS-based nanocalorimeter
  19. Zac Brindak (1/2010-08/2011), MS project: Energy-harvesting shock absorber design
  20. Ni Tao (09/2009 – 06/2011), MS project: Wind and tall building interaction
  21. Dimauro Edwards (1/2010-5/2010), MS project: Small hydropower development
  22. Rong Feng Yu (10/2008-05/2010), MS project: Ultra-sensitive thermo sensors
  23. Eddie Zheng (06/2009-12/2009), MS project: On-road energy harvester design
  24. Sharanya Divakaruni (01/2010-05/2010), MS project: Building energy monitoring