Nuclear Engineering Facilities

VT3G Computer Cluster

The Virginia Tech Transport Theory Group has a research cluster for performing large parallel particle transport calculations:

  • 32 Total Processor Cores (Intel Xeon 2400Mhz)
  • 256 GB System Memory (8GB/Core)
  • 3 TB Storage
  • Gigabit Network Backplane
Advanced Research Computing

Advanced Research Computing has several high-performance computing systems available to Virginia Tech researchers and collaborators. These include HokieOne (492 cores, 5.3 GB/core), Athena (1344 cores, 2GB/core), and Ithaca (672 cores, 3 GB/core).


The VT Visionarium maintains various visualization devices with different degrees of immersion. The strongest sense of immersion is provided by the VisCube, which features three 10′ by 10′ walls and a floor of stereo projection screens and a wireless tracking system.

Center for Advanced Engineering and Research (CAER)

The Center for Advanced Engineering and Research is a Region 2000 initiative to develop an industry-focused regional research and development center that drives the development of innovative products and processes by providing local access to university and federal research and inventions. In January 2013, it was announced that AREVA has agreed to provide a nuclear power plant simulator to CAER.