CVESS and its lab’s are housed in a modern 8000 sq ft facility in Blacksburg Virginia, minutes from Virginia Tech’s main campus. Existing CVESS laboratory equipment allows for state of the art research in all our areas of expertise. Our facilities incude:

  • Heavy Truck Suspension Test System
  • Single-Axle-on-Vehicle Suspension Test System
  • Single Suspension Test Rig
  • Seat Dynamic Test System
  • Terramechanics Test Facility
  • Roller Rig
  • Railway Friction Modifier Detection System
  • Various Heavy Tools and Machines
  • Wheel-Rail Contact Roller-Rig
  • LIDAR System for rail velocity measurement
  • The Rail Lubricity Measurement system
  • Quarter Car vehicle test rig
  • Material testing system load frame
  • Damper dynamometers
  • Two instrumented vehicle trailers with roll-over prevention
  • Two instrumented Semi test trucks