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We are the 2016 VT Rally Senior Design Team. Our goal is to design, fabricate, and race an off-road vehicle in the Method Race Wheels Laughlin Desert Classic.  This race is part of the “Best in the Desert” race series in Laughlin, Nevada.  The race is set for the 4th – 8th of May, 2016 and will be broadcasted nationally on MavTV.  We are completely funded by generous donations and look to complete this unique build by early 2016.


This is our capstone design project, which will demonstrate our knowledge and experience gained through our bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering here at Virginia Tech. Our mission is to develop, design, fabricate, and test an off-road vehicle with superior performance while applying engineering principles learned throughout the Virginia Tech Mechanical Engineering Degree program.


Last years team successfully built a two man vehicle, but we are aiming for new heights by refining last year’s vehicle through engineering and testing. All components of the car will be designed from scratch, using the previous team’s chassis as the base. The 2016 team will be utilizing a 2.0L 285 HP Ford Eco-boost engine along with a custom built Weddle HV-25 racing spec transaxle.  We will be exploring the possibility of alternative fuels, such as E85, in an attempt to adhere to the green engineering standard put forth by Virginia Tech.  All of the electronics will be integrated into the design with the addition of lights, engine mapping, GPS tracking, and real time telemetry on digital displays.


Tyler Bezek

Faculty Advisor

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